James Laird Company Profile

James Laird Ltd is a small family run business trading in the supply of Gold and Gilding leaf for around 160 years. As the business has passed father to son during this time, we are well known for our friendly reliable service allied to our ability to help clients with small needs right up to industrial and wholesale contracts requiring thousands of books.

Our prices are competitive and we have a large range to choose from, so why not have a look at our web site, or alternatively contact us via e-mail, telephone or simply call in at our office.

There is so much to be said about Gold Leaf and its applications that it is hard to know where to begin. Phrases like 'The Timeless Art' and the 'Most Noble of all Metals' only scratch the surface. The timeless beauty of Gold Leaf has as much to do with the inherent durability of the material as with the enduring practice of Gilding or Gold Leafing. Although the styles and tastes change from decade to decade, the ability of gilding simply to outlast vogue has led many people to discover its rich and varied past.

We at James Laird are delighted to have supplied Gilding materials to many prominent companies, and if required, freelance gilders to assist if timescales or technical abilities require. We celebrated our 150th anniversary of family ownership in 1994 and we have every hope that one of the present owners' heirs will join the company to make himself a sixth generation owner.